Making Trading Education More Accessible and Empowering

Our Mission

The Foundation is committed to being a premiere educational institution that brings utmost value through its products and services to Filipinos from all walks of life.

About Us

The Foundation is an education institution focused on inspiring and helping individuals to achieve their financial goals through trading.


The Foundation was established in 2018. Initially, the mentoring program was only accessible through word of mouth, but with the company’s resolve to increase its reach and to be able to help more people learn, we have developed more products that cater to the different lifestyles and learning styles of people.

As of January 2021, The Foundation has produced six champion traders who have already earned millions in their first two years of trading.

Our Program

Pillars of the Foundation Batch 2

Online Mentoring Program

The Pillars of the Foundation provides a comprehensive lesson plan that shares the core principles that the Foundation applies in trading the stock market. The program includes the basics of the stock market up until learning to create your own watchlist and trade plans.

Bee Acidera

Bee runs multiple businesses in the food and beverage industry. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was forced to temporarily close stores and now focuses on full-time trading where he has become more profitable. He is a full-time trader of cryptocurrency markets and has made over 1000% gains since he graduated from The Foundation Masterclass.

Mike Go

Mike has been trading stocks part-time since 2017 to earn extra income. He was able to trade and enter good positions during the PSEi bullrun. However, inability to take profits and having an investor mindset led him to hold onto positions even when they ended up in the deep red. In 2020, he began turning his portfolio around by using the lessons from The Foundation trading system. Currently at 20% gain since he graduated from The Foundation Masterclass, he intends to impart his knowledge to future students and help them profit from the market as well.

Jimmie Kang

Jimmie used to trade based on tips and speculation which resulted in small gains. Unsatisfied, he tried to self-study through videos and free lessons on the internet. Without proper guidance on his trades, he incurred more than 50% in losses. Through what he has learned from the Foundation Masterclass and a strong sense of accountability with his batchmates, he has recently gained back the money that he lost with a net gain of 20%. He is now ready to share his knowledge with you to avoid his past mistakes.

Philson Sze

Philson has been trading in the PSEi for 2 years now. During his first year of trading, he incurred a series of losses. Through continuous learning and practice, he managed to turn it around and become a profitable trader. Apart from the PSEi, he has expanded application of the Foundation trading system to the HSi and cryptocurrencies. Now he wants to share his experiences to other inspiring traders.

Graduates' Testimonials

Batch 1: Bee Acidera

Batch 3: Robert Go

Batch 4: Matthew Tang

Batch 3: Gabby Jimenez

Batch 1: Milo Tan

Batch 4: Delia Cai

Batch 4: Nathan Caluban

Batch 4: Carlo Licuanan

Batch 3: Michael Go

Batch 3: Melbin Co

Batch 3: Matthew Tan

Batch 4: Eugene Perez

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